About Us,

Our goal at The Oyster Experience is to make something salty like an oyster into one of the sweeter things in life.

With our highly skilled oyster shuckers providing a world class service with our world class oysters out of the South Coast of Australia provided by Australia's Oyster Coast.

Partnering with Appelation Oysters we have the access to the most premium oysters that Australia has to offer with  rigorous testing to give you the satisfaction of knowing you are getting the highest quality of oyster at your next event. We have a vast selection when it comes to our oysters with a choice of up to 13 different estuaries each with a unique flavour and sweetness.

Our Team

Our team at The Oyster Experience have dedicated years to providing the highest quality of oysters and perfecting our service to assure you that your event will be an experience to remember.

With our custom made oyster belts we are free to roam around while shucking oysters and providing a few laughs.

Our friendly staff guarantee a fun and enjoyable way to enjoy these salty treats.